Toxic Release Inventory Reporting Guidance Workshop

Thu. February 2| 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM | Room B-202

This workshop will provide a basic review of the TRI program and address some of the ambiguous and confusing sections of the requirements for Environmental, Health and Safety personnel responsible for TRI reporting.


8:00am – 8:45am

TRI Program Update & Selected Poultry Processing Topics – Dave Turk, Acting Branch Chief, TRI Program, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

8:45am – 9:30am

Reporting Issues for Nitrate Compounds in Wastewater – Sam Hardin P.E., Clearwater Consultants

9:30am – 10:15am

Reporting Issues for Hydrogen Sulfide – Warren Howe P.E., Vice President, Woodruff & Howe Environmental Engineering

10:15am – 11:00am

Panel Questions and Answers Session

Cost: Free

Track: IPPE Free Educational Programs

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Dave Turk
Dave Turk Acting Branch Chief, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency TRI Program | Role:
Sam Hardin
Sam Hardin Professional Engineer, Clearwater Consultants | Role:
Steven Woodruff President & CEO, Woodruff and Howe Environmental Engineering | Role: